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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The United Way "Culture" Change ...

Recently, I had the opportunity to hear Brian Gallagher, national president of the United Way organization, speak in Green Bay about how they are trying to be relevant ... WHAT they are trying to accomplish, and HOW.
• “We’re in the human development business.”
• Here’s the Big Three we’re focusing on: Education, Family Income and Health.
• Within these three areas, pull together local leaders to decide what are the most urgent areas to attack. Then, decide what Metric(s) to use that will impact all others, and get community attention. Supplement that with being proactive about raising the visibility of the emotional needs and desires.
• Then, Mobilize around those thrusts ... Focus, Visibility, Impact!.
• Make sure Social Media plays a part in the campaign so as to reach younger mindsj.
Sounds good.

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