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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

St. Norbert's Breakfast & Strategy Program: Poberezny

I’m a big advocate of this program, which spotlights 6-7 local leaders annually on how they think and lead their organizations. I learn a lot, and so might you.
A recent speaker was Tom Poperezny, CEO of the EAA/Experimental Aircraft Assn. Among his tidbits:
• The most important intangible that you want to find and nurture within your organization is Passion. It’s critical to understand it, and know how to leverage it.
• Know Your Cause. If you’re believable and trustworthy, people will adapt their beliefs to follow you. But remember, being believable and trustworthy isn’t about what you say, but how consistently you act.
• As a leader, you have to raise the bar of performance every year ... starting with yourself. What are you doing this year to build yourself further towards excellence?
• Be proactive about developing a successor. You are taking your organization to a new level, but your replacement needs to be capable to taking it even further than you can. Are you finding that person?
• Preparation and Practice mitigates Risk! Are you doing that constantly in your organization? Business tends not to, although athletic teams do it constantly. Even Flying isn’t very risky if you do your preparation!

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