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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Great Blue Zones COMPANY Success!

   As we know, many organizations care about creating a fitness/wellness culture because it improves the quality of employees' lives, cuts medical costs, increases energy, and adds to profitability.  But they're not sure how ... so don't create the excitement that can come with it.
   Click on the following, and see what one company in Minneapolis did using the Blue Zones concepts.  This is in only SIX MONTHS!
    (I know, the 19% increase in profitability is probably a bit misleading ... but we do know that greater energy does result in greater productivity and effectiveness.)
"We grew our bottom line revenue 19% year over year during that Blue Zone initiative time frame," said Gwen Martin, founder of Numberworks.

     Generally, the Blue Zones organizations work with communities, but they're now structuring themselves to work with individual companies, apparently like Google.
     For more information:

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