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Monday, November 18, 2013

NEW Manufacturing Alliance conference takeaways ...

Recently, I attended the NEW Manufacturing Alliance conference in Green Bay, and had these takeaways from speakers:

•  The Midwest Manufacturing community's main options over the next few years:
-- Become like Germany:  Cutting edge, aggressive, global, investing ... or ...
-- Become like Scandinavia:  Competent, innovative, welcoming, global.
Which will it be?  Business Leaders will decide this, not politicians.

From Mike Weller, CEO of Miller Electric
•  What's holding us back?  Using the same strategies we used several years ago, and today ... both externally in how we approach the marketplace, and internally in how we engage our people to be proactive and innovative.  We're typically noticing and dealing proactively with the external, but not so well with the changed ways in which the workforce needs to operate, its evolving "culture."
•  Regarding Engagement:  Tell employees WHY you are making a change.  Tell them the Business Case so they understand.  Clear down to the "lowest" level.
•  80/20 Rule:  80% of results come from 20% of the effort.  Not hard to figure out where the 80% is coming from.  Stop serving at least half of the rest!
•  The Challenges are Transaction Activity, Product Variability ... and the resulting Complexity.  Drive Complexity out of what you do, especially as it involves the bottom half of your customer base.  

From Steve Van Remortel, SN Advisors and author of Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream
      The most important thing you do is to develop and implement your Core Competencies, what you provide as value.  You already "make your competencies tangible" to your current customers, but you must figure out how to do it with prospective customers.  That's a worthy challenge, because most of us (including your competitors) don't do it!  How can you create a "core competence experience" for prospectives?
      Also, since you've articulated your Core Competencies and the organization knows what they are, do you make them a focal point of all talent development?  

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