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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Takeaways from a Green Bay Chamber panel on Marketing

• Biggest Gift: Ask "How can I help YOU?" Then, Listen!
• Have a Blog. Be seen as a "thought leader" voice in your space. People will come.
• Get past the Press Release flood by calling or emailing the appropriate editor to expect it, and explain briefly why it's important. It will implant it in his/her mind.
• If you have a public crisis, provide information immediately: What happened. Why it happened. What you're doing about it.
• People don't care WHO you are, until they know what you can DO for them.
• Get your whole team involved in marketing discussions so they're invested. Then, they'll think about it more continuously.
• Have different marketing thrusts for each marketplace you have: Prospects. Expanding Client and Prospect horizons. Keeping Clients and Prospects informed, up-to-date.

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