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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Zuckerman on Upgrading Skills

Mortimer Zuckerman penned this opinion in the Aug. 16 WSJ:
“If there is one great policy failure of this recession, it’s that we have not used the crisis to introduce structural reforms. For example, we have a gross mismatch of available skills and demonstrable needs. Millions drawing the dole to sit around should be in training for the jobs of the future that require higher education skills.
“Given that nearly eight in 10 new jobs, according to the administration, will require work-force training or higher education, it furthermore makes no sense that we have reversed the traditional American policy of welcoming skilled immigrants and integrated them into our economy. ... We send home thousands upon thousands of foreign students who have gotten masters and doctoral degrees in the hard sciences at American universities. These are people who create jobs, not replace them. The incorporation of immigrants used to be one of the core competencies of our economy. It’s time to return to that successful model.”

“Higher education is another critical issue. As President Obama pointed out recently, we have fallen from first to 12th in college graduation rates for young adults. The unemployment rate for those who have never gone to college is almost double what it is for those who have.”

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  1. Mr. Zuckerman is correct on all counts... While it's true that we needed to address our aging infrastructure, these jobs don't address our long term econmic problems. We've ignored the fact that we're falling behind re: the competitive skills required to compete on the world stage. Retraining/retooling the unemployed/underemployed is a critical step in getting back in the game! As for immigration...Canada,as one example, has done a much better job of encouraging immigration by students and skilled professionals. When will our government catch on to the real needs of our economy?