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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where Wisconsin Rates Among Best, Worst States: 42nd

Chief Executive magazine, in its annual analysis of the best and worst states in which to do business, still ranks Wisconsin in the bottom 20% ... this year at 42nd compared to 43rd last year.
Here’s how we did:
• Taxation and Regulation: D (Bad)
• Workforce Quality: B+ (Good)
• Living Environment: B- (Okay)
• 2004-2008 GDP Growth (1 is highest): 40th. (Bad)
• 2000-2009 Population Growth (1 is highest): 30th (actually a loss). (Bad)
• State Debt/Resident (1 is lowest): 35th. (Bad)
• State/Local Govt. Employees/10,000 residents (1 is lowest): 6th. (Good).

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  1. Phil, I suspect that the state I moved from (Illinois) and the state I moved to (Tennessee) are both worse than Wisconsin overall... Take Care, Dave