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Sunday, January 25, 2015

James Kotecki, Madison Humorist/Observer

      Recently, at an NWTC-sponsored Business Success Conference, I heard one of the keynote speakers make some funny and insightful points on the topic of “Escaping Adulthood":
•  Adultitis is a terrible disease, with a major side effect of stress.  You’re in a “rut” rather than a “groove.”  One sign:  When your cellphone is a body part.
•  “I’m very excited to be a Dad.  It takes only 5 minutes a day, and qualifies me to be a We-man.”
•  Nothing beats being “original.”  In the Music Hall of Fame are NOT people who sing Beatles songs, but the Beatles themselves.  Figure out and BE your original!
•  See with New Eyes.  Keep asking Why so you get past the “we’ve always done it that way syndrome.”  Find out the real reason rules are created, and whether they still apply … because bypassing them may open new vistas and ways of thinking and seeing.

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