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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Green Bay Packers Mentor/Protege Program

I have the privilege of being on the board of this program, driven by Anna Steinfest of U.S. Bank and Aaron Popkey of the Packers (with John Hartman of Visonex as our Board Chair).  
               (You can learn more at:
Each Fall, we provide mentors and mentor companies to small business owners who desire such a relationship.  It lasts formally for a year, with the Protege required to develop a business plan with goals and to report on progress quarterly.  We create feedback sessions where the Mentors and Proteges report to their peers and the board on what they’re accomplishing (and their barriers) and get supportive feedback.
We usually create 5-8 such relationships … and it should be more.  We can find Mentors, but it’s hard to find Proteges … people with at last two years in business and desiring to grow faster.
I’ve been privileged to have several of my TEC members involved as Mentors (with the active support of their organizations).  Currently, Mark Radtke of Integrys is a mentor, and in the past, Patrick Gauthier of Amerilux, Ernie Remondini of Lindquist Machines, and Amy Kiefer of KI have been mentors.
If you run into small business owners who might have the interest, have them contact Anna Steinfest at

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