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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Is it too late to train Millenials to be leaders?

A 30-something banker friend and I got into discussing his business leader contacts’ frustrations with finding good hires.  They are telling him that it’s tough to get current employees in the Gen Y and Millennial groups to want to take on more responsibility as leaders.  The inference is that taking on that aspiration will result in more time working, and less time for friends, family and fun.  So they don’t.
What are the business leaders doing about it?  Basically, exposing them to what else there is … techniques on better managing and leading, insights into how to run other parts of the business.  These efforts will make them more knowledgeable and broader contributors, and they hope that from the groups of people going through these exposures will emerge a few who are actually anxious to get better at them, and take on more responsibility.

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