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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Start With Why!!

I commend to you a great 18.5 minute YouTube video by Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why (go to YouTube and search for those words), which has impacted my thinking ... and my work with my TEC and Senior Marketers Group members ... greatly!
So, as someone asked, "Why 'Why'?" Because 'Why' is emotional, and emotion drives behavior. If we can express what we do FOR our target customer or employee in emotional/'Why' terms, then it's much, much easier for those words/feelings to initiate behavior ... doing business with us or wanting to work for us!
USUALLY, we answer 'Why' in terms of 'How' and 'What' ... neither of which is emotional, but is much easier to describe. The 'How' is the things we do that bring value, and the 'What' is the value that the recipient (customer or employee) receives from the 'doing.' That's how we usually respond to questions about 'What are you all about?' We explain in non-emotional terms of what we do and what the result can be.
INSTEAD: Think through the feeling/emotion that makes the recipient truly "feel good/relieved/happy" as a result of your 'Hows' and 'Whats." It's NOT EASY!
But if you can get close to it, and be able to articulate it in words ... then you're closer to a much more impactful Mantra that more quickly gets your target prospects to use you!
Example: Apple and Microsoft. Microsoft is about "great products that make work easy." Apple is about "connecting you with ideas and people around the globe." Which is more powerful, more emotional, more uplifting? See?
If you like the YouTube video, you can buy the book.

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