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Sunday, August 14, 2011

On China's Economic Development Planning: The U.S. is doing its part ...

"Over the last 10 years,the Institute of Biophysics, an arm of the Chinese Academy of Science, has received very significant investment by the Chinese government. Today it consists of more than 3,000 talented scientists focused on doing world-class research in areas such as protein science, and brain and cognitive sciences.
"We also visited the new Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, another arm of the Chinese Academy of Science. This gigantic science and technology park is under construction and today consists of four buildings, but it will grow to over 60 buildings on a large piece of land equivalent to about a third of a square mile. It is being staffed by Ph.D.-caliber researchers. Their goal statement is fairly straightforward: 'To be a pioneer in the development of new technologies relevant to business.'
All of the various institutes being run by the Chinese Academy of Science are going to be significantly increased in size, and staffing will be aided by a new recruiting program called 'Ten Thousand Talents.' This is an effort by the Chinese government to reach out to Chinese individuals who have been trained and currently reside outside China. They are focusing on those who are world class in their technical abilities, primarily at the Ph.D. level, at work in various universities and science institutes abroad. In each year of this new five-year plan, the goal is to recruit 2,000 of these individuals to return to China ..."
-- By Robert Herbold, former COO of Microsoft, in The Wall Street Journal, 7/9/11.

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  1. Phil, It's freedom vs. a country that doesn't have to listen to their populace and, right or wrong, can focus on what's important to the future. Our government does this sort of thing to some degree...but they can't just do it like the centralized Chinese government can. I wonder how many US citizens of Chinese heritage will jump at this opportunity in China? Take Care, Big Daddy Dave