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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Green Bay ranks 121 out of 188 in Gallup's Well-Being Index

Boulder, Colorado, got a lot of publicity recently as being the nation's #1 Happiest city based on an ongoing Gallup Poll that rates attitudes and lifestyle behaviors to create a Well-Being Index. Boulder's main behavior that got them the #1 ranking was its citizens' commitment to fitness activities ... an active lifestyle whether intense or just fast walking.
So, where does Green Bay rank? It is ranked: #121 out of 188 cities. Madison was #6, Milwaukee #103. In 2009 we ranked 104.
Here's how we did:
2010 2009
Overall Rank 121 104
Life Evaluation 179 149
Emotional Health 23 33
Physical Health 52 25
Healthy Behavior 124 84
Work Environment 127 148
Basic Access 8 52
What dragged us down, obviously, is Life Evaluation. Here's how that is defined: It's a self-evaluation of two items: Present Life Situation, and Anticipated Life Situation 5 years from now.
Work Environment: Perceptions of four items ... job satisfaction, ability to use one's strengths, supervisor's treatment, and supervisor creates open/trusting work environment.
It would appear that our companies need to work on creating an improved work environment focusing on engaging and empowering employees.
It publishes its national index monthly.
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  1. Phil, I wonder where Knoxville was ranked...or if it was ranked? We've got Green Bay beat as regards weather but given the community spirit that we've seen in your town, I would have expected a higher ranking... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave