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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More on Wellness/Nutrition ...

John Whitcomb, a Yale-educated Chicago doctor who leads Aurora’s wellness education efforts, recently made these points to a wellness-oriented Green Bay business audience sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce's CEO Groups:
• We are “hard-wired” to crave that which is Sweet, Fat and Salty.
• In 1980, a Harvard study declared these to be appropriate elements of a wellness strategy: 1) No smoking. 2) Exercise4 every day (30 minutes of a fast walk). 3) Five fruits and veggie servings. 4) A BMI less than 25. And, 5) a glass of wine daily. If you are 60 years old and doing all five of these, there’s a 54% chance you’ll live to 90. If you’re 60 and doing none of the five, only 5% will live ‘til 90.
• Calories delivered within liquids are the biggest sources of Weight Gain. So, get sodas out of the workplace.
• Low Vitamin D intake causes many, many documented problems, including many types of cancers.. Typically in Northeast Wisconsin, we take less than 10 mg daily ... when we should be taking 60 mg daily. Example: In Japan, breast cancer incidence is 5% that of the U.S. Why, because Japanese women eat seaweed, which contains iodine which retards breast cancer. Another example: This past winter, Aurora gave its employees the 60 mg of Vitamin D, and reduced its flu absences by 50%.

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