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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Alabama Theatre, Myrtle Beach.

Recently, we vacationed in Myrtle Beach and happened upon the Alabama Theatre for a three-hour variety extravaganza. It featured a hilarious comedian whose style was understated country. Among his contributions:
• Things haven’t been so great with the recession and all, so we’re changing the name of the Alabama to the Al-Obama, so that we can apply for stimulus funds to keep our high quality offering featuring world-class entertainers serving our audiences ... at a loss.
• Be careful wandering around our theater building. It’s fairly old, and hasn’t had the benefits that newer buildings have since the government decided it would protect us from stupid people.
• That Pelosi woman. What’s with her? She tells us we need to pass the health reform bill so we can find out what’s in it?
• His recent divorce? We kept arguing about the same things, time and again ... like that commode seat up or down bit? I told her that if it’s causing a problem, we should get rid of it. So, I took the seat off and threw it out. She's a quick learner. She decided I was causing a problem and got rid of me.
• Taco Bell. I’m worried about Taco Bell. I don’t think they’re doing so well, and I’m worried that the government will take them over. Can you imagine Taco Bell run by the government? Taco Bell has a challenge making a good burrito itself. Can you imagine what a government-made burrito would taste like?

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