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Monday, May 22, 2017

A Little Political ...

On Business Taxation
       There is much ado about lowering the Federal business tax rate from 35% to either 15% or 20% … a give-away to the wealthy 1% or less or more.
So, what would businesses do with that extra 15% or 20% of profits?  Nothing?  No.  They invest it in further job creation … R&D, commercial development and testing, investing in new equipment and space, hiring and training, marketing, selling and producing.
Private businesses are the Golden Goose.  What they do is create the jobs with incomes that can be taxed and buy property that can be assessed.
So, why not a business tax rate of 0%!
It’s been proposed in some drafts.
We should consider it.
Then, the several trillions of dollars held in foreign countries can be repatriated for investment here … and the practice of producing in the U.S. but selling from countries with lower tax rates can be stymied.
Would not the additional individual incomes and property values create taxation that overwhelms the business tax loss … as well as drive further growth?
What’s so hard?

$15 Minimum Wage
       San Francisco, which adopted the $15 Minimum Wage in 2004, now has a documented 60 restaurants which have closed for reasons primarily attributable to their higher cost structure.  As one person said, “You can only charge so much for a tamale.”  More and more, government heads are realizing that maintaining a jobs base is more important from an economic development standpoint.
It has been argued, and I agree, that if society wants a family to have a minimum income, then do it through the regular tax base rather than through making an employer less competitive.  One vehicle:  The Earned Income Credit.


  1. Phil, Given the way government isn't functioning these days, we'll be lucky to achieve any tax reform. Automation will probably kill off a lot of minimum wage jobs in food service and retailing before most government bodies kill them off through high hourly rates. Earned income tax credits are a possible partial solution but it would require congress to actually do something. I agree that private businesses are the golden geese...the solution...but will we enable them to initiate the growth needed to push economic growth? Hopeful on all counts but just a bit pessimistic. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

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