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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Alert: Dealing with Divisiveness ...

     To too great an extent, our community, our state and our nation is ridden with divisiveness … people with opinions who don’t listen to those of others, missing the chance to practice the “civil” part of civilization enables us to keep moving forward.
     At the Brown County 2020 gathering in 2012, Divisiveness was targeted as one of the top five areas we must work on as a county.
     Right now, an initiative called Connecting Our Community is well on its way in development to subtly deal with divisiveness.
     It’s all about Telling Our Story … people are interviewing other people, and putting those stories on public media so we can learn about each other … what we’ve gone through of significance, and what our dreams are for Green Bay and Brown County.  (It’s a technique that’s worked very successfully in other communities, like Cincinnati.)
     It’s being coordinated through its own steering committee, with support from the Bay Area Community Council, a 24-person group of which I’m a member.  
     At some point, YOU should have your story told.
     To see examples, go to Connecting Our Community’s Facebook page:                Sign up to get future posts of stories.
     For more, go to their website at
     Instigators of the effort, which has a 24-person steering committee, are David Littig, a BACC member retired from the UWGB political science faculty, and very active community volunteer Randy Johnson.
     They will be having a “summit” to formally kick off the initiative on Saturday morning, November 14 at the Stadium View.

     Won’t it be cool when all of the municipality boards and the County Supervisors know each other’s “stories” in depth, and see each other as people rather than wrong-headed opinions.

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  1. Phil, Great effort in concept and hopefully in long term practice as well. Our national unwillingness to work together and compromise...i.e., work with each other is the real crisis that could drag us all down. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave