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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Where People Live On Average To 90 ...

There are five places in the world, where people live on average to 90, and which have the highest percentage of centenarians.  A man named Dan Buettner researched the commonalities between them, and concluded they had these 9 characteristics:
1.  Move Naturally.
2.  Have Purpose in your life.
3.  Shed Stress.
4.  Stop Eating when 80% Full.
5.  Eat Plant-based Foods.
6.  Drink Alcohol Moderately and Regularly.
7.  Belong to a faith-based community.
8.  Put Family First ... keeping aging parents and grandparents close.
9.  Participate in Social Circles.
According to Buettner and his studies, you're likely to live 10-12 years longer if you follow these practices.

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