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Sunday, August 5, 2012

To Sell Your Point of View More Effectively...

        Patrick Renvoise and Christophe Morin of SalesBrain, San Francisco, have very impactful insights into the best things you can do to create what for most is the impossible ... to get past logic to the emotional techniques that will get the other person to accept your ideas.  In other words, to sell more effectively, more quickly.
        Their analysis of how the brain works yields this:
      The CORE STIMULUS that creates a reaction is FEAR ... of significant loss or the possibility of not surviving.  That’s your driver for crafting most of your most impactful messages.
So, what are the stimuli that cause reactions?  They are these ...
1. ME: People intensively look for what is good for ME! So, don’t talk about YOU, and how good you are.
2. Contrast: They react to major contrasts ... so show what the customer doesn’t want to happen, and contrast it what the customer wants to happen., etc.  No Contrast, No Decision.
3. Concrete: Tangible.  Make it real.  NOT abstract.  Make it SIMPLE, SHORT.
4. Beginnings and Ends: Attention is highest at the beginning, but wanes very quickly.  It comes back when there is an indication that the end is near:  “In Conclusion,...”  So, tell them at the beginning your takeaway message, repeat it at the end ... and in the middle repeat it several times.  Very important for your sales presentations.
5. Visual: Create the picture. The optic nerves deliver messages 25x faster than the auditory nerves.
6. Emotion: A Killer. You can’t reach the Old Brain without SOME Emotion, which enhances memory/retention. Add emotion to your presentation!
Another Alert:  The brain doesn’t easily hold lots of alternatives.  But it starts with those with the most emotion attached.  For example, consider that your brain has a drawer titled “Colas.”  The only brand in it is Coke.  (Yet, Pepsi is preferred by 70% in taste tests.)  Why:  Branding!  You want to be the only brand in your drawer in the customer’s brain!

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