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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wisconsin: The U.S. Leader in Medicaid Insurance!

Recently, from several sources, I’ve learned that Wisconsin has the highest percentage of citizens enjoying Medicaid, health insurance for the poor, than any other state. Fully 20% of Wisconsin citizens are covered by it. Says one health system leader, Medicaid is not just the “safety net” for the low income, it has become the “low cost, high benefit insurance option” in the state. The last two years, the percentage increase of Medicaid users has been the highest or second highest in the nation … last year almost 22%, vs. a national average of 8%.
Another fact: Fully 45% of births are financed by Medicaid.
Another fact: Medicaid funding by the state will probably be LESS this year because the federal grant that supports it is decreasing. Since 2000, the dollar outlays have jumped from $2.9 billion to an estimated $6.4 billion in 2011. Result: Providers will be paid even less … and it’s already their biggest cost loser. That will propel rates for private payers even higher.
Another fact: While Medicaid has increased, employer-sponsored insurance has decreased 9% since 2000 because of its too-high cost for small businesses. Any guess where these people are going?

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