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Monday, July 19, 2010

Wisconsin/Green Bay Econ. Devel. Rankings: Not Good! Shouldn't we be reacting? Or don't we care?

Recently, GB Chamber Economic Development VP Fred Monique gave a Wisconsin economic development overview to the Bay Area Community Council, which showed some disturbing facts about our state, if we care about economic growth:
1. Wisconsin ranks in the bottom half of states within the definition of "Pro Business". In 2009, it was ranked 35th.
2. How does our MSA rank?
• On current economic strength: 48th out of 366 areas in 2010, better than in 2009 but down from 20th in 2005.
• On initiatives to create jobs and growth: 171st out of 200 areas. (We're slipping in providing incentive.)
3. How does Wisconsin rank regarding factors considered by corporations for location expansion decisions?
Importance: Very High
Corporate Income Tax Ranking Grade: C
Importance: High
High School Completion Grade: B
College Attainment Grade: C
Right to Work Grade: F
Individual Income Tax Ranking Grade: F
Business Inventory Taxation Grade: A

In addition, Chief Executive magazine released a survey of CEOs looking at the best states in which to do business, and Wisconsin came in 42nd.
Number 1, again, is Texas, and Number 51 is, again, California.
Areas assessed: Taxation and regulation (we're a D), quality of workforce (B+), and living environment (B-).

There should be good questions for state government political candidates in these results!

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