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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ideas from the Feb. 4 Champs Meeting:

• Find a long blank wall, and for each person, put "footprints" for each day the person achieves the 5,000 step level. When 75 are completed by Sept. 30, the wall is full. It will show who's doing it and who isn't ... social pressure!
• Post the Challenge of the Day on the bulletin board.
• Provide fruit all day at 25 cents per apple or banana.
• Meet individually with each employee to discuss the program, objectives, and personal problems in achieving it. Will create comfort and better interactions in the future around program challenges.
• Bring in Jane Birr for a program every two weeks on the Monday.
• Use the Bellin nurse program for a Healthy Loser weight loss contest. Small rewards for winners.

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